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Written by Annabel Choy. Posted under Headlines, Mobile Phones on October 12th, 2010

NEW YORK– In a bid to topple down its rival in the smartphone market, Microsoft scraped and then revamped its operating system few years back. Last Monday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the new mobile phone operating system Windows Phone 7.

During the press event in New York, Ballmer said that mobile operators around the world will soon run their devices with Windows Phone 7. South Korea’s Samsung and LG Electronics, Taiwan’s HTC and US computer giant Dell has already signed a partnership contract with Windows Mobile. The 54 year old CEO said that nine phone models will eventually be offered for the phone lineups at will be available in 30 countries.

Ballmer also announced its partnership with USA AT&T network. “When Microsoft first showed us Windows Phone 7, we knew it was going to be a winner.It was different than anything we’ve seen,”
AT&T CEO Mobility and Consumer Markets Ralph de la Vega, who was also present during the event, said.

Introducing Windows Phone 7 as a different kind of phone, Ballmer told the audience that the phone gets you in and get you out. “We focused on the things that real people really want to use. We really put our energy into bringing together the things that you love,” he said.

Windows Phone 7 is very much integrated with Microsoft products and designs. It uses a version of Internet Explorer Mobile that sits in between IE7 and IE8 in functionality. Windows Phone 7 Internet Explorer can support up to 6 tabs and allows user to keep a list of favorite web pages.

Gaming is very much alive with Windows Phone 7 as Microsoft used the same technology behind Xbox Live. With Windows Phone 7, users can view gamerscore and leaderboards, interact with Xbox Live friends, and display 3D avatar.

Windows Phone 7 uses another Microsoft product for their multimedia. Their multimedia hub, Music + Video, and Pictures, is adopted from the Zune HD. The Music + Video multimedia application can play music, videos, and podcasts. Zune Marketplace offers a wide selection of items for users to purchase.

The Pictures hub offers a unique online and local data integration. Windows Phone 7 takes online social network into a whole new level by combining photos from user’s Facebook and Windows Live account and phone camera’s photos.

Windows Phone 7 uses the same multi-touch technology common in all smartphones. The default dark themed user interface used by Windows Phone 7 improves energy efficiency as black pixels don’t emit light.

The start screen unique to Windows Phone 7 definitely sets it apart form other smartphones. Instead of the common small icons, Windows Phone 7 make use of “Tiles”. These “Tiles”, which can be arranged, removed, and added, are icons linked to applications and functions.

The launching of Windows Phone 7 is essential to Microsoft, especially after the company has slowed down in terms of sales. ComScore has revealed the company’s paltry 11% control of the smartphone market ,dwindling 20% for the windows mobile sales last year. Windows Phone 7 introduction in the market will help improve Microsoft’s image since the system is leaning towards integration of products and services.

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