Whatever Happened to the White iPhone 4?

Written by Annabel Choy. Posted under Headlines, Mobile Phones on October 14th, 2010

Just a couple of months ago Apple’s shining white knight was the buzz around town but today it seemed like people have forgotten about this handsome gadget altogether. The official curt statement “Apple White iphone 4 continues to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected,” surely did not help as it leaves a lot of mystery to potential buyers.

Now, I am beginning to wonder if this is a gimik orchestrated by Apple just to build up anticipation. Two weeks in a row, Apple made headlines in the technology section of every newspaper in town. The latest is the dual mode version of the Apple Iphone4, which left many in excitement. Prior to that was the problematic antenna, which CEO Steve Jobs took care of by offering free casing.

Apple did not provide further details in their official statement, only a vague “will be available later this year”. Speculations over the delayed release include backlight leakage. According to Wallstreet, the white Iphone4’s paint is not thick enough that the backlight seeps out from the edges of the glass. The initial paint job that Apple used was off-white and not good enough for actual production.

Whether this is the real reason or just a ploy to divert attention until the company fix the internal antenna problems happening with the black iphone4, only Apple will know.

Meanwhile, Apple has announced that its next generation iphone due to release summer next year will have a combination of GSM and CDMA chips, allowing one phone to operate on carriers supporting GSM technology or CDMA technology (used by Verizon and Sprint).

According to “sources” Apple’s bold move to make the next generation with CDMA chips won’t support the Long Term Evolution, or LTE 4G standard. Apple thought the first LTE chips maybe “bulky” and “power hungry” and that the technology hasn’t been fully tested yet.

It is not uncommon for apple to bypass brand new technologies for its products. Back in 2007, the very first generation iPhone sticked to AT&T’s 2G Edge network instead of 3G, even though it was the most effective technology across the U.S. at the time.

So, if you really want the best deal out of iphone, the smarter thing to do is to WAIT. Meanwhile, reviewers are sending in their raves and rants about the iPhone 4. What they love about this smartphone is that it provide a enhanced performance and design. The bad part, though, is the limited home screen folders (12 apps), not good for multitasking. And of course the never-ceasing complain about spotty reception brought to you by AT&T.

The verdict was iPhone 4, with its flaws, remains a powerful contender in the battle of the smartphones. Of course, not everyone will like it. Think about the unreliable call quality as reception varies (casing affects it by the way) with AT&T. But if you can skip that and think about the striking and elegant design, loaded feature set, and superb (so far) performance then suppose this phone can past for the best smartphone yet.

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