This wrist watch will spell out the time for you

Written by Vincent Rays. Posted under Watches on August 17th, 2012

Gone are the days when the time are shown in numbers. Now, the time are in words. It’s now spelled out for you. This super cool concept of a wrist watch was created by Biegert & Funk. Inspired by their Time in Words iPhone app, they have released a physical square clock that spells time.

The wrist watch above is called Qlocktwo W. They also have a wall clock and a table clock. Their clocks are so awesome. They even received an international Interior Innovation Award and the iF Product Design Award because their product is undeniably awesome.

Qlocktwo and Qlocktwo Touch can now be ordered at While their latest Qlocktwo W is coming soon this autumn.

Price starts at $1,100 USD with Qlocktwo and $599 USD with Qlocktwo Touch. It comes in 8 different colors. You can also buy the front covers if you want to change the color of your table clock and wall clock more often.

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