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HP Pavilion DM1: performance of a notebook with the mobility of a netbook

Posted by Annabel Choy on January 14th, 2011 filed in Netbooks, Notebooks

At the recently concluded CES, HP launched a series of their newest notebooks and desktop PCs. Among the lines of new Pavilion desktop and notebook PC, there is no doubt that the HP Pavilion dm1 stood the tallest.

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Lenovo’s IdeaPad U1 Hybrid: Tablet + Laptop

Posted by Annabel Choy on January 14th, 2011 filed in Headlines, Netbooks, Tablets

The CES 2011 was not only marked by entrance of “new” and “first time” announcements on the latest and innovative gizmos and gadgets, it was also marked by a huge revival of an equally “new” and “innovative” device: Lenovo’s IdeaPad U1 Hybrid.

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Lenovo to complete the Alphabet in model names

Posted by Annabel Choy on January 4th, 2011 filed in Netbooks, Notebooks

Lenovo is surely catching up with the CES. Today, the company has just launch a last minute salvo of their newest laptops and notebooks –with names almost completing the entire alphabet. The Chinese-based multinational computer technology corporation has announced the newest member of their IdeaCentre and IdeaPad line of products.

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Memories of 2010: Ten most memorable gadgets

Posted by Annabel Choy on January 2nd, 2011 filed in Digital Cameras, Gaming Consoles, Headlines, Medical Gadgets, Mobile Phones, Netbooks, Tablets

2010 has just ended and in the technology year it means another year of innovation. Last year was a very active year for the technology arena with numerous noteworthy gadgets and gizmos launch but with the gazillions of devices out in the market, its really hard to keep track. CNN did us a favor by […]

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