Can’t Wait to Lose Weight? Try Text Weight

Written by Helen Mary Labao. Posted under The Web on January 4th, 2011

Do try. It’s free, at least until they have fully developed the entire interface for those who seriously want to shed off those massively accumulated holiday pounds. One more app for the new year’s resolution alley, this Text Weight service.

Currently at its beta phase, TextWeight is very much available but only for US and Canada users. The makers are open to the possibilities of expanding their services to international phone users, but that might take some more time. Let’s hope it gets accommodated soon, since many people will find this really helpful. They might have to struggle with the time zone issues too, but removing the geographic limits will make this app worth the whole world’s time.

When it comes to trying to overcome severely challenging physical goals, simplicity is beauty. And this is what TextWeight offers its customers. It will just generate a consistent daily text message that will wake you up at 8:00am and ask you what your current weight is. That’s really pressure coming from one’s inbox already, which will more or less, make you guilty enough to implement the necessary changes on a day to day basis.

The user just has to reply the corresponding number to the text message and it will be logged into his or her account. Consequently, the app will create graphs containing statistical data of one’s progress in monitoring the weight.

I did find the app filled with a lot of limitations, understandably as part of its growing pains as a new online service. For the SMS replies, the customers are allowed to send in whole number values only. They have yet to accommodate decimals and fractions of a pound. And it’s programmed to wake everyone up at 8:00am, something that is still being developed to be alterable depending on the individual customer’s preferences.

There is good promise with them listening well to feedback though, given that they have a very hands-on help staff for resetting passwords and other supposedly automated menial tasks in other online applications or services. You have to send an email for those tasks and wait for a personalized response from their team. I’ve got mixed emotions on this one; in case I want my account to be reset, I will have to wait. Other apps already have it automated. But as I mentioned earlier, it’s part of the growing pains of building an online application.

Full account features remains to be something to look forward to in the near future. They currently pride on being so direct to the point in cutting to the chase of losing the unwanted pounds. Other competitors of this website tend to complicate things by doing too many things at the same time for their customer. At least, this one is heavily focused on losing pounds, nothing more and nothing less.

There is some hope that one manages to lose all the necessary pounds while the free stuff lasts. Waking up early for a good cause is not so bad, especially if it spells less waist inches and a lighter you for the turn of this new decade.

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3 Responses to “Can’t Wait to Lose Weight? Try Text Weight”

  1. ryanwyat Says:

    I just want to tell you how excited I am. After 9 days on the “Hypersonic Weight Loss” I lost 7lbs!!

  2. Helen Mary Labao Says:

    hi ryan! really? that’s interesting… is it also offered for free, or is there a paid subscription for it?

  3. Kevin Morrill Says:

    We’ve since added the ability to change your message time. You can also enter tenths or hundreds of a pound–which is great if you have a scale that shows fractional pounds.

    So far over 1,000 people have joined and lost more than 1,800 pounds. The average user loses 1.2 pounds a week.

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