This is just another Gadget Blog… But! This is not your usual Techblog. Gizmosync will synchronize your gray matter with latest trends in technology. We’ll give you free news about what’s hot in the gadget world today. We’ll deliver the latest thingamajigs, the hippest gizmos, the most powerful laptops, UMPCs, symbian phones, smart phones, PDAs and all the gadgets that you’ve been craving for. So watch out as we smash you with information that will make you drool for more!

Gizmosync will not exist without the awesome contributors who are writing cool stuff about gadgets and latest news about the newest thingamajigs out in the wild! They are Bryan Veloso of, Winston Almendras of, Evanjohnn Mendoza of, Joseph Andrew Dela Serna of, Mark Aethen Agana of, Jehzeel Laurente of, Conrad Miguel Gozalo of, Annabel Callos Choy of and Helen Mary Labao of

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